Musings on the term 'zero waste'

by Andi Frost

What does zero waste mean to you?

Are you in practice, actually offering zero waste or are you ‘hiding’ waste from your customers?

 - I came across this question in a forum, and it prompted me to think more. I’ve been mulling it over for a while now.

Describing my store as zero waste isn’t truthful, I aim to have as little waste as possible, but how do you define waste? And how could I possibly achieve zero waste?

Everything needs to arrive packaged, and the suppliers I have chosen to start with have supplied the goods at a price I can work with, in a size that suits my budget, and the packaging has minimised the waste to you, the customer.

As Fill Good is growing, these factors change and I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to ‘upsize’ a number of products to paper sacks and/or more recyclable packaging. It still leaves me with some waste though, But I’m doing my best, and saving lots and lots of tiny, non-recyclable packets from being bought and binned!

We’re all on a journey, right?


So, I changed the front page of my website, and feel better for being transparent. I'm not sure if you had any thoughts on this at all before I mentioned it, but there you go!


Please feel free to challenge me, ask questions and generally make me think about things.  This business is here to learn and grow.


Thank you for being part of my journey as much as I am part of yours